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trailers before Catching Fire

Time for a break from law, so, trailers!

Divergent: I watched this trailer and I said, "I remember that someone on my reading list posted about how silly and implausible this YA dystopia is." And lo, it was so.

I, Frankenstein: the idea of Frankenstein's monster as incredibly long-lived and basically a superhero is actually pretty great, but I doubt this is the movie to do it justice.

Endless Love: it caught my attention for putting ominous music behind sappy meet-cute romance, but the hints about the reveal didn't seem very interesting. (However, IMDB says it's a remake of a Brooke Shields movie, which does get genuinely dark, so perhaps that music is earned even if the trailer's contents don't convey it.)

American Hustle: this trailer is much less off-putting than the first one I saw, though still not my kind of thing.

Maleficent: it's remarkable the way they managed to make this live-action Sleeping Beauty look like a cartoon.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty: I'm not sure if this is the version I saw before Gravity, but it's still just wrong.

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