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So, Con or Bust. Last year's auction had many, many tags—the only thing I use tags for is the auction.

This year's auction will be next month (more soon!). Me, I think it would be annoying to have the 2013 posts tagged with the same tags as the 2014 tags, because it would make it harder to find the new things—"ooh, a book by X! . . . no, comments are closed, it must be from last year."

Should I just delete all the tags? Is there any value in keeping the old tags around somehow for archival/browsing purposes? (There is a spreadsheet index, which is less finely-grained.)

It's possible in the future I may run each auction on its own subdomain, but not this year, didn't start in enough time. (Hmmm, I could move just the 2013 auction posts off to their own blog/subdomain and then redirect links, but it appears that might be a bit tedious? I haven't experimented with this yet at all.)

Anyway: thoughts?

(Bed, OMG, I knew I had a lot to do but I didn't think it was that much, and that's only the start . . . )

Edit morning: thanks for feedback, and feel free to keep it coming. I think I will strongly consider moving 2013 so I can keep tags and not make the overall tag list incredibly unwieldy as we get more years. I just wish I had planned ahead better and won't have to do this with 2014 later (assuming that it's not possible to run completely separate installs of WP in both a domain's root and a subdirectory, that is, which I'm presuming is the case). Edit 2: apparently not the case! Options, I has them. Thanks, all.

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