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SteelyKid lost her seventh (!) tooth today and insisted that I couldn't look at the note she was writing for the Tooth Fairy.

I went up a little while ago, slid the note and her tooth out from under her pillow, slid in a pack of Pokemon cards, and only looked at the note when I was out of her room, at which point I busted out laughing:

handwritten note reading 'Dear Tooth Fairy, can I please have a cat'

[Image: handwritten note reading 'Dear Tooth Fairy, can I please have a cat']

Now I have to practice (1) pretending I don't know what the note said and (2) saying "well, honey, I'm really sorry, but I'm sure the Tooth Fairy knew that a cat wouldn't fit under your pillow . . . "

Edit: in the middle of the night, after an hour with a restless Pip, I got up and wrote her an in-character note saying that the TF was sorry but a cat would get squished and she wasn't allowed to bring pets anyway. I didn't put it under her pillow, though, left it for Chad to see if he thought it was a good idea.

It didn't matter, SteelyKid woke herself up early this morning (people who have never tried to roust her out of bed have NO IDEA what a miracle this is), was delighted by her Pokemon cards, and never mentioned her note to the TF. We kept the one I wrote and will just offer the same reasons as justifications if she asks.

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