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Welcome to Night Vale re-listen, episodes 7-8

Episode 7: History Week (stream, transcript)

General Comments

I like this one; the history snippets are fun, and it has that lovely ending.

Comments Related to Future Episodes

Recurring items
* Apache Tracker (missing, as is his house)
* Town Elder Council, apparently later renamed City Council with no change in membership
* Cecil re-education, at City Hall this time
* the public library (high fatality rate, but no mention of librarians)
* Michael Sandero (very briefly, crediting football win over Desert Bluffs to angels)
* The Night Vale Harbor and Waterfront Recreation, announced to be "fabrications of our collective consciousness" (sic!)

* none

* none

The Weather
* Two Gallants - Despite What You've Been Told. Indie rock, which, uh, I think liked?

* "some really lovely and provocative butcher-paper silhouettes of slavery-era self-mutilation, reflective of several centuries of slow genocide and dehumanization by Western imperialists, designed by contemporary art darling Kara Walker" -- a real artist, who I'm glad to have discovered
* "Seriously, listeners, what’s next? Removing the line “Praise the beams, praise, o ye knowing beams that guide our lives, our hearts, our souls; praise o highest to ye all-powerful beams” from the Pledge of Allegiance?!" -- any Dark Tower fans hear that as capital-B Beams?
* They got the woman who does the credits a better mic finally!

Episode 8: The Lights in Radon Canyon (stream, transcript)

General Comments

An average episode; the main topic is not super-interesting, but there is a fair bit of setup for future happenings.

Comments Related to Future Episodes

Recurring items
* Glow Cloud (joining school board)
* City Council ban on writing utensils (though Intern Leland was writing before he was vaporized)
* Steve Carlsberg, who apparently has a child but doesn't "do anything except bring unacceptably dry scones to PTA meetings and take grammatically disastrous minutes on your shifts as meeting secretary. Get it together, Steve!"
* Investigation into whether crediting Angels for football win is allowed (attempt to trap Angels)
* Coach Nazr al-Mujaheed (previously briefly mentioned)
* The Abandoned Mine Shaft outside of town
* underground city: Teddy "heard the shouts and footsteps of what sounds like an army marching upwards toward the world above" (takes a looooong time for them to get there)

* Came to station to ask listeners for information about Radon Canyon lights, "scared for us"; to Cecil's sorrow, did not mention dinner or weekend plans; on news that lights were Pink Floyd Multimedia Laser Spectacular, "he said that the situation is even worse than he imagined."

* none

The Weather
* Danny Schmidt - This Too Shall Pass. Dreary.

Stay tuned next
* "a special live broadcast of the Night Vale Symphony Orchestra performing Eugene O’Neill’s classic play The Iceman Cometh" (skipped prior episode)

* Game of Thrones on demand in the Abandoned Mine Shaft!

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