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Welcome to Night Vale re-listen, episodes 9-10

Backlog, backlog. Le sigh.

Episode 9: PYRAMID (stream, transcript)

I like this one reasonably well because the central gimmick amuses me.

I particularly like that the pyramid appears in the "the Beatrix Lowman Memorial Meditation Zone," but generally the bafflement it must feel at everyone being so determined to regard it as viral marketing is pretty funny.

Recurring items
* Telly the barber, who cut Carlos's hair, and is now "wandering the Sand Wastes, howling at the sky, and holding up Carlos' shorn locks as though begging God to reverse the crime he has done." I think people sometimes find this suggestion of Cecil having reality-warping abilities? I prefer my Cecil as baseline Night Vale as possible, also as you know I hate the Carlos's haircut thing.
* The cat in the men's bathroom at the station, now named Khoshekh.
* Traffic signs replaced by people wielding semaphore flags

Don't remember
* Flaky-Os, I think they end up denying another viral marketing campagin later

* None

* Brad, who solved the litter box problem -- and survives the episode!

The Weather
* Jason Webley - Last Song. Tom Waits impersonation.

Stay tuned next
* "an hour of dead air with the occasional hiss and crackle"

* "Weird at last, weird at last! God almighty, weird at last!" -- Any closer a parallel to the famous MLK quote and I would be really angry, instead of just fairly twitchy. Weird is not anywhere near the same magnitude of importance as free.
* "If you are not one of the 53% of our community that was born without pain-sensing nerves" -- hence the qualification that I want Cecil to be baseline Night Vale, rather than "ordinary."

Episode 10: Feral Dogs (stream, transcript)

Perfectly fine but doesn't strike any special chord for me.

Recurring items
* "the children protected themselves ably with their school-issued nerve gas canisters and automatic pistols" -- but the school was installing metal detectors in "History Week"!
* Drawbridge construction site: the dog pack vandalizies it.
* Boy Scouts, two boys progressing along the ranks
* Night Vale Museum of Forbidden Technologies
* Mayor Pamela Winchell

* None

* None

The Weather
* Rachel Kann - i Know This. Hip-hop. I would like it better if it were in Dutch.

Stay tuned next
* In a popular advice program, "Dr. Brandon offers a step-by-step on how to remove your own appendix without surgery." So, another person's voice.

* Cecil's pride in, and defense of, Night Vale as a community, in all its, err, complexity: "But we are a strong, united community here in Night Vale. We must stand up to violence! // Our town was founded by peace-loving imperialist conquerors who, to escape taxation, overwhelmed a potentially violent race of indigenous people and founded this beautiful city on principles of family, fortitude, fence-building, and friendly propaganda. // Let’s not forget our long-standing town motto: 'We have nothing to fear except ourselves. We are unholy, awful people. Fear ourselves with silence. Look down, Night Vale; look down, and forget what you’ve done!' // That is the motto of a determined, unified community."

And now the laundry has beeped and I need to rescue Chad from an unsleeping Pip so he can prep tomorrow's class.

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