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Welcome to Night Vale re-listen, episodes 14-16

(Last post was written before today's long drive. This post was 75% done. Now I only have the five episodes I listened to on the way out here to write up, plus the . . . other eighteen . . . to re-listen to . . . )

Episode 14: The Man in the Tan Jacket (stream, transcript)

Night Vale has a thing with doubles and also a thing with faces and, more specifically, the lack thereof. The Man in the Tan Jacket has a face that no-one can remember and the Faceless Old Women Who Lives in Your House has no face (but can talk). I'm sure there are more.

More Cecil defending Night Vale, this time getting downright bloodthirsty about it.

Recurring items

* Night Vale Harbor and Waterfront Recreation Area: New Year's fireworks there! Even though it never existed.

* The Man in the Tan Jacket, with a deerskin suitcase, that the Angels tell Old Woman Josie is full of flies; an Angel, presumably, calls Cecil and says he's from "a vast world, right below our feet" (presumably different from the underground city? The flies reference is suggestive of Beelzebub, but maybe that's too obvious?) and references "a flower in the desert."

* When the Angel calls Cecil, "my face became hot, and the voice filled every part of my body, and tears were flowing down my face the instant I touched the phone receiver, and the whole room was lit up in — well, how can I describe this? — a bright black beam illuminating every atomic detail"

* underground city: blurry security footage: "Perhaps it is merely rats or raccoons, digging through an uncovered supply of junk food. But it is, of course, much more likely that a lost nation of people, living in the bowels of a small-town bowling alley, are finally revealing themselves, taking our food supplies, and preparing for war." -- I am 100% giving up on the continuity, physical size, or timing of this making sense.

* Steve Carlsberg: Cecil jumps to the conclusion that he has been talking to the people of the underground city, and calls for vigilante justice.

* Night Vale Daily Journal, still in financial trouble.

* None.

* None.

The Weather
* daKAH Hip Hop Orchestra - Movement 1: Invocation of the Duke. Awesome. I want this to be the soundtrack of my life.

Stay tuned next for
* "two commercial-free hours of E sharp."

* Geography: places we recognize, like "Maine, Massachusetts, Canada, Micronesia, and Suriname", also exist in Night Vale.
* No "Good night, Night Vale. Good night."

Episode 15: Street Cleaning Day (stream, transcript)

One of the episodes where something ordinary is inexplicably terrifying. It has another lovely ending.

Recurring items
* John Peters, you know, the farmer? finds a freestanding oak door in the scrublands; someone's knocking on it.
* Dark Owl Records: Buddy Holly will be performing live; his newest album is "I’m Trapped In Between Worlds, Existing Only In the Form That You Knew Me. This Is Not Who I Am. Leave Me Alone And Just Let Me Die, Please!"
* illegal wheat and wheat by-product speakeasies (including Big Rico's Pizza)
* the Sheriff has a hover-office in the clouds
* and the Sheriff's Secret Police wear a "short cape, blow dart chest belt, and tight leather balaclava"

* None

* Stacy, still alive!

The Weather
* Tom Milsom - A Little Irony. Another one with such indistinct vocals early that I spaced out.

Stay tuned next for
* None

* Cecil says the freestanding door leads "to other worlds than these," which, combined with the Beams reference, has to be a Dark Tower shoutout, right?
* Just repeated "Good nights," no "Night Vale." (I don't know why I get so obsessive about this.)

Episode 16: The Phone Call (stream, transcript)

I have never before heard anyone talk in such a way as to make the little hearts floating around their head nearly literally visible.

Recurring items
* Night Vale Daily Journal: new business strategy, kill news blogger with hatchets
* Preparing for war with underground city
* "A balaclava-clad man wearing a mitre, cloak, and a giant silver star, and speaking through a vocoder — you know, the man we all believe to be the Sheriff of Night Vale?"
* Making survelliance easier and more interesting for the Sheriff's Secret Police (which I find hilarious in the podcast but requires exactly the right touch in fic to keep from tipping over into realism and therefore horror)
* Library improvements, including librarian repellent dispensers

* Only mention of regularly wearing gas masks (which people are supposed to NOT take off for dinner in preparation for war)

* "dark, delicate-skinned"
* Cecil gets points for this: "Well, I gave him my home phone number quite a while back, and he never called, and I didn’t think anything of it, right? I mean, sometimes people just don’t call, and that’s okay."
* Time is slowing down in Night Vale, and he's very concerned about it and how none of the clocks are real.
* The Man in the Tan Jacket came to see him, but he doesn't remember the visit so we don't know why. He still remembers about the clocks, though.
* (When the new Carlos voice actor appears eventually, the change will be addressed in the script)

* Stacy, still alive! A record!

The Weather
* Barton Carroll - Those Days are Gone and My Heart is Breaking. Kind of pretty but the narrator is remembering being a jerk, so.

Stay tuned next for
* "a community-wide frisson of cosmic fright"

* "Your existence is not impossible, but it’s also not very likely." -- own the T-shirt!
* Even better mic for the credits. Also, somewhere in here, I didn't note exactly where, the credits started mentioning the show's intern, who of course dies in improbable ways.

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