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wood cat


incidents and accidents, hints and allegations

Welcome to Night Vale (purple logo), Welcome to Night Vale
Kate kate_nepveu
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Welcome to Night Vale re-listen, episodes 17-18
Episode 17: Valentine (stream, transcript)

I love this, the choice to show only the aftermath and leave the actual disaster mostly to our imaginations (especially coming so soon after Street Cleaning Day), and I really want to know what they plan to do for this February 15.

A bit about the way the outside world views Night Vale: "The state House even went so far as to send a formal reply, the entirety of which reads: // 'Sorry…we can see what you were going for, but maybe we just don’t ‘get’ that kind of thing. Anyway, creative stuff! And have a happy Valentine’s!'"

Recurring items
* "The Night Vale Mall’s planned Valentine’s Day art installation, involving footage of actual beating animal hearts projected on a vivisected teddy bear, was canceled due to the entire mall being flooded with poisonous gas."
* Mayor Pamela Winchell, issuing statement re: move to get Hiram McDaniels into office (is there a move, or is it just Cecil?)
* Post Office open again, though apparently only to cloth-wrapped figures who hum and turn in place

Don't remember
* City Council proposal to make dance official town language

* None.

* Oh no! "Also, Night Vale Community Radio intern Stacy died, a couple of months ago, soon after our last mention of her. Our sympathies go to the loved ones of those who are lost, especially Stacy. Sorry that I didn’t get around to telling you until now, that was totally my fault."
* She was mentioned in the last episode, which just shows the oddity of time in Night Vale, since episodes with markable dates seem to occur at the same time as our dates, but two weeks != a couple of months. Or something.

The Weather
* Mystic - Neptune's Jewels. Hip-hop, NSFW, a love song. I like it.

Stay tuned next for
* "me saying 'Goodnight, Night Vale. Goodnight.'" -- best ever.

* XTA is Tianjin Airport in China, in case you were wondering.

Episode 18: The Traveler (stream, transcript)

No memory of this prior to starting. Time travel stories just bounce right off my brain. Though it is great that the Traveler's like, yeah, I travel in time, so what? (I can't decide if Cactus J* having no fixed name and nothing to do but be married to him is deliberately satirical or just sucky, which shows the problem with satirizing oppressions.)

What does it mean, that the Traveler was wearing a Desert Bluffs uniform, despite apparently being Jerry of Jerry's Tacos? ("This is all very similar to the marching band uniform of the Desert Bluffs Cacti prior to The Incident, but The Traveler’s uniform is not scorched and soaked with blood." -- before he's revealed to be a time traveler.)

The ending, where Cecil says "in (his) mind" he's in the sky above Night Vale, I thought might be literal until he specifically says he's looking "from the vantage point of my own imagination."

Recurring items
* Mayor Pamela Winchell's press conference, which references "The fences in the caves"; I begin to wonder what metaphysical / mystic / whatever duties the mayor might have.
* Cecil being adamantly opposed to the existence of mountains, and now still dubious about their general existence as opposed to the one he actually touched.
* Dark Owl Records: "Curtis Mayfield reads from his new book, Where Am I? I Cannot See, Cannot Feel, Do Not Know Who I Am Or How Long I Have Been Here: A Memoir."
* "Tak Wallaby’s wife, Herschel, has given birth to an adult man’s detached hand, which they have named Meghan." (arrrgh)

* None.

* None.

The Weather
* Clem Snide - Jews for Jesus Blues. Country song about issues with religion; pleasant.

Stay tuned next for
* "an exact word-for-word repeat of this broadcast, that will seem to you imperceptibly but unshakably different…although you will never be able to explain why." -- which, considering we have the Sandstorm episodes next . . .

* "Ladies and gentlemen and those of you not clearly falling into either category" -- thank you, finally, though not carried out throughout later episdoes

Okay, it was six episodes listened to today, I forgot the 19A/B thing when subtracting, and I'm not doing both of them right now. Good night, Dreamwidth, good night.

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