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Welcome to Night Vale re-listen, episodes 36-38
Well, I didn't re-listen, I read transcripts, but then the subject lines wouldn't be consistent . . .

Episode 36: Missing

Fantasties of political agency are a new thing for Night Vale. I approve giving one to a thirteen-year-old stocky girl, presumptively African-American based on the name. And of Cecil being a cheerleader and not an actor.

If Daniel, the new supervisor, is a . . . robot? And Tamika has captured a pilot and will make her better . . . is this an "infect the robots and turn them against their masters" plot? Or is that too obvious for Night Vale?

Episode 37: The Auction

I found this episode frustrating because the bit where Cecil explains how he was so upset that he forgot to bid on himself just didn't convince me. Too obviously a creation of another plot thread.

Also, Marcus Vansten, billionaire, running for Mayor.

Episode 38: Orange Grove

Carlos: "I am a scientist. I study science, not plants or nature." . . . yeah, no.

So StrexCorp tried to take advantage of Night Vale-John Peters' absence to bring in Desert Bluffs-John Peters and make Night Vale disappear through oranges, but is also interested in the door in the desert (one of the oranges has the key, which DB!John wants).

Someone has made Carlos' dinosaur emoji.

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