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wood cat


incidents and accidents, hints and allegations

Welcome to Night Vale (purple logo), Welcome to Night Vale
Kate kate_nepveu
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Welcome to Night Vale, "The Woman from Italy" (episode 39)
I had thought it pretty clear in "Missing" that the missing non-Tamika kids had been taken hostage by StrexCorp. Either they were bluffing or the writers had a better idea, because here they are, part of her army.

Otherwise: enh, I'm glad Cecil Baldwin had fun with that voice? But it didn't do much for me. I guess it's good from a sexism POV that The Woman from Italy was of debatable evil and committed no actual wrongs, at least.

The word from our sponsor was hilarious. And a shout-out to Bridge of Birds! I haven't dared re-read it because people say the Orientalism Fairy has got to it, but I love my memory of the characters and the joy in it so much.

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