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Arisia: quick con report

I am done my panel reports! *victory dance* Here are some general notes.

I had a good time! Once again, I have to remember to make specific arrangements to see people ahead of time, no matter how busy I am or weird I get about asking to see people, because while I got some great conversations in there were more people I'd hoped to see and only did in passing. Still, there was close to the right amount of socializing, and I got to talk to cool new people, which is always great.


  • I didn't do the ribbon scavenger hunt game thing, but I did treasure the "said something interesting!" ribbon someone in the audience of the Queering Up Canon handed to me (and to the rest of the panel, and some of the audience too).
  • Food trucks: brilliant. Food options have been a constant issue at this venue.
  • A con that hits its membership cap of 3,650 (I looked it up because we kept wondering) has the leverage to negotiate decent free WiFi throughout the con hotel, which was great.
  • LTK (The Legal Test Kitchen) had really good lobster mac & cheese and excellent sangria. (I only drank half of it because I had a panel at 10 and hadn't eaten properly that day, but I still enjoyed it very much.)
  • Arisia TV, in the hotel, played Allego Non Troppo (Wikipedia) after the Masquerade replay (the live-action version), which is so stunningly weird that words frankly fail me.
  • That was also the party where I witnessed the creation of a new anthology, Maiden Voyages, Motherships, and Clones, off the tongue-slip of "maiden, mother, clone" by [twitter.com profile] IsabelSchechter.
  • The most beautiful party that I saw was the Cryptozoology party, which had been gorgeously and thoroughly decorated with restful colored lights, Nessie on the walls, and a Bigfoot print in the corner. Well done.
  • There was a chocolate vendor in the dealers' room, Dark Matter Chocolate Laboratory. The dark-chocolate-only robots were weirdly dry and crumbly, but the dark bars with freeze-dried strawberries were very good.
  • If I were into the steampunk aesthetic, I'd be in heaven in the dealers' room. I am not.
  • . . . and yet I still ended up buying four pieces of jewelry. Apparently I substitue jewelry for paper books at cons. The jewelry is probably more expensive, but at least it takes up less space?

    Anyway, here's a picture (click to enlarge). The small triangle pendant was by Janelle Downey, whose website is hopefully only temporarily-empty, and the rest was from Silver Owl Creations.

    [Image: four pieces of jewelry: pendant of green-and-blue leaves wrapped in brass wire; pendant of a small triangular stone, white with delicate green markings, wrapped in silver wire; pendant of a roughly-oval-shaped slice of a white and translucent geode, wrapped in copper wire; brooch shaped like a red-and-gold leaf]

    This was almost certainly excessive, but I love them all so much.

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