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drift compatibility

[personal profile] recessional is playing a great game looking for drift-compatible characters: "In a Pacific Rim AU where for various reasons they know the Rift will reopen and they will need jaegers and pilots again and so they start going around actively looking not just for people who are base-level drift compatible but really GOOD . . . who from other fandoms would you suggest?"

I suggested two I really really like, Danny Ocean & Rusty Ryan from Ocean's Eleven (which honestly I think is kind of the Platonic ideal of drift compatibility) and Sherlock & Joan from Elementary (coming to appreciate each other's brains! I think I may have seen this premise in actual written fic but I don't recall any of it sticking); and then three I'm less certain of, Risa & Roy from FMA:B (useless in the rain, and the scene with the targeting); Ariadne, Arthur, and Eames from Inception (because I feel like they would balance each other out well); and John Sheppard & Cam Mitchell from SGA & SG1 (for reasons I have a hard time articulating, because, well, John).

There are a bunch of other great suggestions in comments, go look and, if so moved, add your own suggestions.

And now, back to Con or Bust work.

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