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Feast of the Exceptional Rose

It's that time in Fallen London. And it's a snow delay day, so, gifts!

ETA 2: see next rock.

I can send any non-Fate gift except a Buttered Chess Piece or a Pink-Painted Cat; if you desperately want one of those and can't find someone to trade you, I will have to grind items. No need to trade, except I don't have a Tiny Kettle of Pickled Liars' Tongues yet and would like one. — No, wait, I forgot you can trade gifts for Masquing, so yes, please, trade if you can.

ETA revised: cats are a bad deal, you should avoid them.

For Fate stuff, I will trade for Fate equal value.

The list:

5 Fate:
Hamper of Heart-Cuts * I really want this.

I already have a Watchful Doll (Watchful +3, Dangerous +3) and a Rose-bearing Maggot (Bizarre +1).)

10 Fate:
Starveling Stole * I really want this.
Box of Potentials (I think this is from last year but I can't remember what it does)

I don't have, but don't really want, a Key-to-the-Heart Dagger (last year was a weapon that bumped Dangerous and Persuasive only).

20 Fate:
Promissory Note for Intimate Favours
Chivalrously Murder Someone's Rival
Send Terrifying Candies

I don't desperately want any of these, but I'm willing to trade.

30 Fate:
Tear-Drowned Collection of Incomprehensible Love-Poems * I would like this

I don't have, but don't particularly desire:

Hand of Glory (last year Dreaded +1, Shadowy +2; the Shadowy is now likely more)
Mouthless Amber Mask (last year was Dreaded +1, Bizarre +1, Shadowy +1; the Shadowy is now likely more)

40 Fate:
Arrange a Explosion of Neath-Colours on the Stroke of Midnight * This would be cool.

I have a Tanned Mask, which is Dreaded +2, Shadowy +7; and a Gold-Spike Rosary, which is Dreaded +3, Persuasive +5 (the Persuasive only was bumped from last year, so that suggested the BDR [*] values haven't changed from last year).

50 Fate:
Well-Song * Yes please!

I already have a Luxuriantly Coiffed Sorrow-Spider (Dreaded +1, Dangerous +7, Persuasive +5).

BDR = Bizarre, Dreaded, Respectable: mostly of use once you're a Person of Some Importance, because it makes raising Notability easier.

Don't send anything without asking first if you want to trade! If I can trade I will comment and send to you, okay?

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