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while I am talking about the kids

some lousy-quality, but cute, pictures taken of them in the last week (with the camera in my tablet; all previously uploaded to FaceBook. I think the thing likely to push me over into getting a smartphone is actually an always-on-me camera, weirdly enough.).

A week ago, the Pip demanded I take his picture; here he is with SteelyKid, singing a song about flowers (consisting of "flowers!" over and over again):

alt alt

[Images: SteelyKid and the Pip on a futon, playing guitars]

The intermediate stage of SteelyKid's Lego Jaeger, entirely self-designed and -constructed:

see description

[Image: SteelyKid standing behind a table, on which is a winged Lego robot]

And the Pip, telling me he has a new nose:

see description

[Image: the Pip with a coin stuck to his nose, smiling]

They are now, uh, *counts on fingers, rounds off* five and three-quarters and two and a half, basically. Time, it does fly.

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