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a day may come when I will stop posting about Captain America

but it is not this day. Saw it again tonight, this time with Chad.

I went in assuming Pierce to be a bad guy, but I wasn't certain. The timing of the attacks on Fury and Steve should really have been a big clue: Fury asks for Insight to be delayed, next scene he's attacked on the street. Steve refuses to tell Pierce about why Fury was in his apartment, next scene he's attacked in the elevator. The second gets just enough plausible cover in Pierce's speech to the SHIELD agents, and the first could be a bug, or the Council, but in hindsight . . .

Steve's putting the USB key in the vending machine shows he is just as bad a spy as he is a liar, or how this fanart puts it.

I am 60% sure that Clint is mentioned: just before the techs with headsets get their ears buzzed, someone says "Barton," then something about "his place" or "spot," and "Afghanistan," and "two months." But "Barton" comes very first in the dialogue, and it's quiet, so I can't swear to it.

(Speaking of which, this gif set of the Avengers going incognito in street clothes: the one of Bruce is actually from Now You See Me, the magicians-heist movie; is the one of Clint from the MCU?)

While it's awesome that the tech refuses Rumlow's order to launch the helicarriers early and Agent 13 backs him up, I really really hate that they cite "Captain's orders" when they do so. Steve specifically did NOT order anyone! (I'm fairly certain he didn't call himself "Captain," either.) That's what's important, that he offered people the opportunity to do the right thing and they weren't just following orders when they did so.

Finally, I figured out what was bugging me about the way the movie leaves Nick Fury: it intercuts his burning the eyepatch with Natasha at the congressional hearing, and therefore I associate the end of his arc with the whole exceptionalism thing.

See, that wasn't so much after all!

(No, wait, one more thing. You can't see the Steve mannequin in the Bucky tag, so you don't know if they recreated the uniform or what. (I'd love to know what the exhibit chose to say about recent events. Also, the tablet offered to autocomplete Steve as steeeeeeve for me, which I think means I have a problem . . . ))

Only different trailer was for The Giver, which looked like a bog-standard boring YA dystopia before the title reveal. (Somehow I made it out of the US educational system without reading it, so I don't know if I'd have recognized it beforehand.)

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