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It's Memorial Day here in the U.S. [*], which means I'm off work. The kids are with Chad's parents until mid-afternoon, and Chad's already gone off to be productive, so I'm going to link-dump here, then walk the dog, exercise, shower, and enjoy the rest of my solo day.

[*] I overheard SteelyKid saying yesterday that it's "when the armies fought so we could be free!... from... the Pharaoh!" Ah, unexpected side effects of sending her to the local Jewish Community Center for daycare.

Some of these links were previously posted to G+ as I came across them. I have roughly sorted some obviously-related ones, but not applied a comprehensive scheme.

  • Comics Legend Brian Michael Bendis on Sexism and Making a Nonwhite Spider-Man: interview with Vulture. The pull-quote that you may've seen around is "You love Captain America? Well, you know what Captain America would never do? Go online anonymously and shit on a girl for having an opinion." But as the title reflects, it has a wider scope and is a good read in all kinds of directions.
  • I love the AV Club's sarcastic take on the disgusting comments about She-Hulk by the guy who's writing the story for Batman v Superman (a.k.a. Wonder Woman's first big-screen appearance) and is the announced screenwriter for the Justice League movie.
  • Further to Wonder Woman: Tom & Lorenzo on Aishwarya Rai at Cannes — Get her a twenty-film deal for Wonder Woman, indeed — and some awesome fanart.
  • The Bechdel test is fine just the way it is at the AV Club. Not news, but comprehensive and thoughtful, so a good reference.
  • More pop culture from the AV Club: Garrett Morris on SNL, 2 Broke Girls, and singing arias for Walter Matthau. Part of its "Random Roles" series, which is often terrific. I have seen literally nothing this guy has been in, but this is a great read anyway. (Get at least as far as what cocaine is like.)
  • In case you missed it, Rosemary Kirstein has an update on her cancer treatment. (I posted this to G+ with the comment, "'Good news,' Dortmunder said, with some surprise, as another person might say, 'Look! A unicorn!'")
  • Heart of Darkness or Three Men In A Boat? A Quiz (at The Toast). I did quite well on this but enjoyed it all the same.
  • The Movies of '94: Mel Gibson and Jodie Foster, the Odd Couple of 'Maverick', by Wesley Morris at Grantland. I have very fond memories of this movie, despite Gibson's later behavior (which the article discusses).
  • "Like Your Client, This Claim Won't Fly": Lowering the Bar has obtained a really stunning example of legal correspondence, which happens to be written by the guy who co-founded SCOTUSblog. (The links within are also good, but this one has the virtue of actual legal analysis in with the fuck off.)
  • I am finding the UCSB murders continually [*] upsetting. I haven't been following much of the aftermath, because just the initial NYT article has haunted me. As I said on G+, (1) its quote of the shooter's video manifesto reads like an Onion article, but it really isn't ("I do not know why you girls aren't attracted to me," he said, "But I will punish you all for it.") and (2) it's not like this sense of entitlement and possession doesn't kill women every day. It's just not usually so fucking unmistakable.

    [*] Just for you all, I looked up the difference between continually and continuously to make sure I got the right one.

    ETA: Actually it turns out he was biracial, not white, but that's not immediately apparent from his name or the blurry pictures I've seen, so the point about white privilege allowing him to avoid the terrorist label after posting a manifesto and killing more people than died last year at the Boston Marathon, is still true. Just, you know. Accuracy.

  • [personal profile] metaphortunate reviews the movie Belle with an eye towards its portrayal of intersecting oppressions and their current relevance.
  • The Case for Reparations: An Intellectual Autopsy: I'm actually linking to this related essay about Ta-Nehisi Coates's brilliant article, instead of the article itself, because it links to a bunch of other important things and gives a concise overview of the argument. 
  • Finally: Hiromi Goto and N.K. Jemisin gave really excellent and important GoHs speeches at WisCon last night.

(Suddenly I feel probably-not-psychosomatically unwell. Ugh. Well, the dog needs walking anyway, and if I revise my plans for my solo day to "lie on the couch and catch up on Elementary," that's valid too. Anyway. Best wishes for your Monday, DW.)

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