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wood cat


incidents and accidents, hints and allegations

happiness is a full bookcase
Kate kate_nepveu
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relaunched booklog
After way more gnashing of teeth than necessary, honestly, I've moved the booklog onto WordPress for better anti-spam tools and, I hope, greater ease in actually posting. Up tonight is a post on Max Gladstone's second novel, Two Serpents Rise, and I have more scheduled for the following days.

I have a request in for [syndicated profile] outsidedog_feed to be updated (oops, I just realized I didn't post "moving now!" notices to my old rss feeds, I wonder if I can do that now . . . oh wait, I can just redirect them, nevermind), and I'm also posting updates to Twitter: [twitter.com profile] knepveu_booklog.

Feedback on the site welcome, but please bring comments on the books over there, so conversation isn't split.

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