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Welcome to Night Vale: "The Librarian"

So the live show I saw with [personal profile] kass and [profile] yaoobruni back in, uh, March, was called "The Librarian." According to rysmiel they are still touring it, and moreover haven't updated it to take place after "Parade Day" (which I don't think would be very difficult to do).

Very general comments about the experience below the cut.

This was a much different experience than the other live shows that have been released (at the time, that was only "Condos"). There were multiple non-Cecil voices, but they had very limited roles. Jason Webley, who did the music in "The Debate", was the warm-up act and the weather and also did a short spot as a character, I think someone being interviewed. Meg Bashwiner, who does the credits, did a commercial (I believe). Tamika Flynn made an appearance (Tamika!). And Carlos made a brief phone-only (recorded) appearance.

So instead of a multi-voice extravaganza, this relied much more heavily on audience participation and engagement. I wish I'd been closer so I could have seen how Cecil Baldwin did it: he did horoscopes in the beginning, and he must've cued the audience in some way to start reacting when their sign was called—encouraging people with body language or eye contact or what-have-you—because as the horoscopes went on, the audience got more and more vocal, and that carried through and made it a much different experience than "Condos."

And the whole show is designed around this, there's no question about it, because there's an extended setpiece, which will be pretty odd to listen to at home, I think.

Anyway. Webley's music is not particularly to my taste, but he was working hard, and Cecil Baldwin is a delight to watch as well as listen to. It was pretty great.

Finally, if you're wondering where the quote "Monday would like you to leave it alone. It is not its fault that you are emotionally unprepared for your professional lives." came from, it was here.

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