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Not the Week in Review

The only noteworthy thing I did this week was go to a party celebrating a co-worker's wedding. It was a very nice party, and I got to use the cool portable Pyrex thing Mom got me (cheese lasagna, which seemed to go over very well), but it's not much of a post.

And I don't feel like finishing my Worldcon report tonight.

So instead, from sdn's question (via sartorias's pointer), we have:


(First, I fully endorse mrissa's comment to the original post.)

At KateCon, no programming would start before 11:00 am. However, there would be extensive brunch materials in the consuite for actual morning persons.

I would ask cool people if they wanted to give short talks about interesting things, and then take questions. Probably I'd let them talk about whatever they wanted to, but I'd start with suggestions about their work or enthusiasms—I'd see if elisem wanted to reprise her Worldcon talk on jewelry that I missed; if Chad wanted to give his spiel about laser cooling; if rivka could bring us up-to-date on the current best practices in HIV prevention and treatment; if sloanesomething wanted to point out the details that make for a really committed costume; if Jim Macdonald had interestingly grisly stories from his volunteer EMT mode. tnh could finally deliver the rant "Ambient Misinformation about Publishing and Writing, and the Cultivation of the Reader Mind: A Rant I Didn't Get to Deliver at Noreascon," if she didn't want to do her party trick of trimming fiction on the fly.

I think I would decree that there would only be one programming track. If it's my con, why would I want to miss anything? (There would also be breaks in the schedule, for intense conversations, foisting books on people in the dealer's room, resting, or meals.)

Recommendations panels would be required to have handouts. And to actually recommend things.

There will be microphones for everyone, and everyone will be required to know how to use them.

Panels would mostly be about books. There would be a lot of roundtable-style panels, but not exclusively, because sometimes you just want to listen.

However, all panels would be required to leave at least 1/4 of their time for questions.

And, of course, the badges would be extremely readable.

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