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all the #WOCCheckingOut links

Sorry about the links being universally Twitter redirects, I didn't save them at the time and Tumblr won't auto-expand them to copy, rather than to hover.

Valais Blacknose sheep, which are basically living Muppets. http://t.co/RboTPC9tif

Duckling splashing in a sink. http://t.co/zqlrtAQjDP

Golden retriever puppy being spoon-fed and falling asleep. http://t.co/Ix4dhxtzfp

Lion cub playing in autumn leaves. http://t.co/tk0Wubc9hn

Fox in snowy park, sleeping and awake. https://t.co/wceFc3dFEf

Cats wearing hats with Austen quotes. http://t.co/qiDqiMcGzJ

Dogs in a variety of moods. http://t.co/o8LZMuZPYV

Sumatran Tiger cub and mom exploring outdoor zoo exhibit. http://t.co/DdSsm9TKtl

Problem-solving bunny. http://t.co/jOTBnu7hjl

Plaintive Dalmation puppy. http://t.co/LqHvE5Z6ki

Animals experiencing watermelon. http://t.co/W3EzFpdZYc

Dog blissing out in sunny meadow. http://t.co/RZBTbAumrM

Look-alike bunnies and kittens. http://t.co/zyqbHyz5z8

Video of Siberian Husky playing in leaves. https://t.co/HYPvQcnSvN

Polar bear cub. http://t.co/S5pCKUXAox

Penguins chasing a butterfly. http://t.co/3DYbsoEgJB

Dogs eating popsicles. http://t.co/KhudzqQx6h

Baby husky curled up on adult husky. http://t.co/MQi9uuPw8F

Baby goats playing on other animals. http://t.co/NqANAeMa4S

Cats and dogs with look-alike offspring. http://t.co/LzIfP4jf7m

Lots of ducks and ducklings. http://t.co/G73eTVj3EW

Golden retriever puppy's first visit to the beach. http://t.co/nkzLd0YoxW

All kinds of cats in boxes. http://t.co/LJRAfrPK78

Bunny hopping with stuffed bunny. http://t.co/lCb9WqmFDw

Pairs of cats snuggling. http://t.co/VEilN4LsOE

Bonus: inspirational words from a great white shark: http://t.co/kCcnxwlEoD

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