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After an excursion into cat-vacuuming, I finally have icons. More information than anyone wanted behind the cut.

A long time ago, I decided my icons would be pictures of the little knick-knacks I have on my desks and around the house. It took a while to get around to it, because it's the kind of thing best done with a digital camera. (No, we haven't bought one, though we're considering it; I was familiarizing myself with the one we use at work.) This was always going to be my default; it's the centerpiece of the semi-circle I have on my home desk, it's a little brown cat (not exactly like what I imagine my animal form to be, but reasonably close), and I really like it.

(This cat was surprisingly difficult to take a good picture of, as was the sf dragon below. I'd keep trying, but the work camera uses CD-Rs, and I'd have to break out a new disc, which I feel guilty about. If we get a camera, it won't be until Christmas. So, you're welcome to comment on the quality of these, but corrections won't be made right away.)

(I should plug IrfanView, the freeware viewer and editor I used to crop and tweak these.)

The Zen bear guy anchors one end of the home desk's semi-circle; Chad brought me it and the cat as a present from Japan. It's a little fuzzy, but I think his slightly goofy expression comes through. The yellow thing is a tablet.

The stone owl and stone elephant are also on the home desk. Wisdom and memory seemed like good things to have in my workspace.

The devil duck sits on my printer at work. I got it at the rasseff/blog/LJ party that marykaykare threw at Noreascon 4; you can get your own here.

This apple is alabaster, I believe; it's on my desk at work, because the symbolism amused me. I'm aware that it would show up better against a different background, but as explained above, it's going to have to wait.

The fantasy dragon also sits on my work desk, just because it's pretty. (I'll probably re-take this one too later, because of the sharp shadows.) I got it at Boskone, where ones like it frequently show up in the art auction.

(The other knick-knack on my work desk is a silly clay cat; it was briefly up as an icon, but I took it down because it's too hard to tell what it is. Also on my work desk is a hurricane vase filled with chocolate, with a mini Nerf gun on top (also briefly an icon), a framed picture, and the cigar from my first trial victory. I haven't brought my home desk knick-knacks in to work, because my work desk is really very crowded.)

The fantasy dragon has its counterpart in the sf dragon, or rather the head thereof, which is made of electronics bits. We also got this at Boskone. I'm still not really happy with this picture, but I hope it gets the idea across. This dragon lives on our mantel, on one side of the samurai sword.

And this metal dog is on the track of the sf dragon, from the other side of the sword.

Ook! Ook is a stuffed orangutan; he stays in our bedroom, along with the rest of the stuffed animals, because the dog thinks fuzzy things are chewtoys.

The pink elephant actually is a chewtoy, I think for cats, but I just wanted to be able to say that I had a pink elephant.

Speaking of the dog, here's a picture of Emmy sitting in the snow, looking up at the camera.

And my older icons:

Cat-vacuuming, drawn by Suzanne Palmer as the design for a rec.arts.sf.composition pin (and used by permission).

A semi-self-portrait generated at this site.

My name in Coronet font; it's not my signature, but a more elegant approximation thereof. (These last two may get retired, I'm not sure.)

And now, back to actual work.

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