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Incredibly Minimialist However-Long in Review

Let's see:

Work. Lots of it.

This weekend, shopping for house things and lots of books (including one I couldn't find and was cross about not getting, so Chad snuck out to get it for me), and Monday off that I spent working (and cat-vacuuming up some icons.) Oh, and football (go Pats! Nineteen one-game winning streaks. And the Giants, who knew?).

Last weekend, my best friend from high school got married. It was a gorgeous wedding, they looked very happy, and Hindu ceremonies are a lot different from Christian ones.

The weekend before, I spent an entire day hunting down something formal enough to wear to that wedding.

In dog news, we've started another round of training classes; Emmy now does a pretty good "flop" (known elsewhere as "play dead"), and we're working on "roll over." (The "flop" does have a practical purpose, for if she ever needs to be medically examined on her side.) We also met and made arrangements to try a dog-sitter, which we're very hopeful about. And there are some new images at the bottom of the dog pictures page.

Did you know that "Lose Yourself," the Eminem single from the 8 Mile soundtrack, starts with 30 seconds of keyboards? On one hand, the incongruity cracks me up, but on the other, I think it wants to be in a mix just after that cool instrumental music from Kill Bill 1, the one was in all the movie commercials (and now, annoyingly, is used in Jaguar commercials, which is just wrong), and that transition doesn't work very well.

Yes, I bought some stuff from iTunes recently. Oh, Nathan, if you're reading this, drop me an e-mail with your mailing address? I've finally digitally reconstructed that trip mix tape that was stolen from you (I know, how long ago was that?).

(In response to coffeeandink's post of a while ago, to me, playlists are things I put on shuffle. Mixes are in a particular order. Also, mix tapes have two sides, which means they don't seamlessly transfer onto the iPod.)

I get to drive about an hour and a half tomorrow morning for a court appearance that will probably take five minutes, so I should probably get a couple more cases into this outline and then go to bed.

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