Kate (kate_nepveu) wrote,

oh my gosh look look look!

Guess what was in a mysterious and unexpected box from [personal profile] yhlee today?

That's right, it's a figurine of Olivier Mira Armstrong, her own badass self! I discovered their existence back when I was doing the FMA:B rewatch/manga reread, and they were too expensive even then, and now I don't think you can even find any for sale (I looked out of idle curiosity pretty recently).

I love her SO MUCH I can't even tell you. She's staying on my desk for now, instead of going on top of the bookcase in our bedroom with my other FMA figures, so just I can admire and draw strength from her.

Eeeeeeeeeee! Thank you thank you thank you, Yoon!

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Tags: anime: fullmetal alchemist brotherhood, manga: fullmetal alchemist

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