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Avengers: Age of Ultron speculation

Behind the cut is speculation for Avengers: Age of Ultron based on one high-level spoiler (not super surprising, but not inevitable either) and general knowledge about announced upcoming movies.


So apparently a named sympathetic character dies.

In reverse order of likelihood because that's easiest:

1 & 2) Steve, Thor
- title characters in announced movies

3) Tony
- announced to be in the next Cap movie as part of a probably-ill-advised Civil War plot

4) Bruce
- because Hulk

5) Natasha
- before I knew she was filming the next Cap movie, I still had her pretty low probability because while the MCU has not been stellar in its treatment of female characters, this would be a shitstorm of the highest degree

6) Clint
- most likely from a character-investment + future POV out of the original six, but still unlikely, because he got the short straw in the first movie and that would just be insult to injury

7) Nick Fury
- having faked his death in Cap 2, unlikely to die in the very next movie

8 & 9) Scarlet Witch & Quicksilver
- (I'm using their titles because I don't think we know their actual MCU names yet) lack of emotional investment in newbies cuts both ways, but they're big names to the comics folks so seem like they are going to be getting established here

10) James Rhodes
- (a) not white guy (b) supporting character (c) gets edge over next two because Captain Marvel might be an Air Force-centered movie

11 & 12) Maria Hill, unnamed new character played by an Asian woman
- see (a) & (b) above

Is that everyone we've seen in trailers? (I'm assuming if they're not in trailers they aren't going to be a big enough part of the movie to get killed. I grant I could be wrong.) Oh, wait:

?? ) The Vision.
- no idea.

Speculate all you like with me, but if you actually know, please stay out of comments. Thanks.

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