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WtNV 69, "Fashion Week"

I basically passed out as soon as I could last ngiht, but I'm at my car dealership this morning waiting for maintenance, so I can burble about yesterday's new WtNV episode.


Since at the start of the episode they announced another tour, I don't think it's very likely that Cecil Baldwin is leaving the show. My guess is that the auction plot will be resolved, that whoever bought Cecil Palmer will be revealed and defeated in some way. I don't know if Carlos will also move back or if they will come to some split-time arrangement? I think those are the big things that are causing his desire to leave right now. I mean, I can think of a number of other possibilities that would keep Cecil there, but they seem a little too dark. [*] There's a very fine line that WtNV treads in its dystopia, which is why I can keep listening.

[*] For instance: based on the "Best Of" episode, it seems within the range of possibility that the Voice of Night Vale is unable to leave the job permanently, even on account of death. "Re-education" is also a thing that happens. Etc.

I just have to remind myself that the Opera House episode might well be two parts, so I shouldn't get too worked up over downloading as soon as it's June 15.

I haven't been keeping up with fic in this fandom; anyone have recs, particularly of stories in script format or otherwise extremely canon-typical in tone?

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