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JS&MN ep 4, "All the Mirrors of the World"

Getting behind, eep!

Will have to check but pretty sure not a single word of Jonathan's review is from the one in the book. Missed opportunity, damn it.

Mr Segundus, cinnamon roll of a madhouse keeper.

Childermass having a Raven King vision during his surgery (or perhaps being saved from death by the Raven King, though I wouldn't think a bullet in the shoulder is that serious even at this time) didn't really work for me.

(It was super jarring to have Norrell use "depend on it, there is no such place" to talk about the King's Roads instead of Waterloo. I realize this is a problem very few people will have.)

I'll accept the added drama of the visit to the King of England, and I guess setting up the summoning spell now is important, but for some reason I didn't think you could summon non-magical entities. Edward Petherbridge was of course excellent.

I'm really sad that we don't get the reveal from Mrs Bullworth about Lascelles and the inequity of her treatment and Jonathan's response. Also, she's supposed to be beautiful and in a scarlet dress, which is a very different picture than what we got.

I'm also sad that Arabella doesn't sooner come to the compromise of not giving up all magic, but not going on the Roads until he can explain to her why he thinks it's safe. The Roads are less Moria-like than I was expecting, which is probably good.

This bargain thing again, damn it!

The scene with Strange & Norrell by the fireside is very good, at least (edge-of-frame seating, lots of screen space between them this episode). And the moss-oak was fucking creepy.

(Norrell more/less sympathetic: the Cinque Dragownes doesn't land as it should, and I'm pretty sure he actually APOLOGIZES to Childermass, and he does have a point about the Raven King's abandonment and also the danger of fairies, so the "we must destroy him before he destroys us" ending is way too blatant but also leaning sympathetic again after the fireside conversation.)

I don't know if this episode was actually as transitional as it felt or I'm just really tired. Will have to rewatch in infinite free time and see.

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