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JS&MN ep 5, "Arabella"

Okay. It's true that "why didn't Jonathan try to resurrect her" isn't explicitly raised in the book. And I can see it—the dead Neapolitans would not incline him to use that method, and he'd broken with Norrell, and Lady Pole was mad, after all—so probably he went through all that in the chapters we don't see him (and he says himself "I was a little wild," which can cover a multitude of ill-advised schemes). I don't feel that we needed it at this length, though, making us wonder about 7 days and decay and all that.

And I am ONE MILLION PERCENT OVER making Stephen complicit: could argue that the driving-Arabella was duress but telling Lady Pole to accept their fates? I am so mad I can't even talk about it any more.

That was also a really terrible scene with Vinculus, who entirely fails to tell Stephen the prophecy. Calling him a nameless slave and telling him that the rain shall make a door? Not even cutting away so we can infer that the whole thing happened offscreen? That is not a useful message!

Uh. What else.

Waterloo. Unnecessary to make Jonathan kill by magic (!) just to amplify his PTSD. (Possibly he had before, but nothing as unequivocal as that, I think.)

How are they going to play the ending with the heavy focus on Arabella as his motivation?

(Her drawing talent is canon, though perhaps limited to portraits; her doing the illustrations is not.)

Way to make the gentleman rapey in a way he actually wasn't in canon, with the "no, really, you'll like it" enchantment on Arabella. ARRGH.

Are we going to ditch the Greysteels if Jonathan is a fugitive?

Childermass, master eye-roller. The scene with him and Jonathan came off very well, though, until the random burst into ~~drama~~ at the end.

The well-defined chunks of grey hair that Jonathan and Lady Pole are sporting are really unconvincing. I'm sure someone out there greys like that, but it screams "look at me!" rather than anything natural.

Episode 6 is starting even as I type this, but I'm really tired and I need to do dishes. But I'm not going to be able to watch episode 7 on BBC America, because I'll be traveling and I need to finish the series in time to get a Tor.com post submitted after the official U.S. end, so I'll be sacrificing the big-screen experience and posting about it before next Saturday.

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