Kate (kate_nepveu) wrote,

JS&MN ep 6, "The Black Tower"

I am under the weather so this will be even less coherent than usual.

Really. Stephen needs to be shown the wisdom of resisting the gentleman by a manic pixie white dude. Really.

(Equal-opportunity rapeyness, I guess, with the gentleman caressing Stephen at Starecross?)

Also, the actor whose name I am too ill to look up on IMDB did as good a job as possible with the thankless "racism exists" speech, but wow, too little too late.

Where is Aunt Greysteel? Why is Flora a BYRON GROUPIE?!?!

I am very puzzled at disjoining the timelines of Vinculus and everyone else by moving up his death. I really thought Jonathan would send Drawlight back through the mirrors to speed up those reunions, but no, apparently not.

Why did they miss the opportunity to have Jonathan give that killer speech to the mad woman with the cats? Why did we get tedious face-smushing for madness instead of the candles and the pineapples? (CGI costs, I presume, but sheesh. Surely the candles could have been done with practical effects?) Why did poor Strange's-actor have to do all that overacting in response to, err, everything?

Ugggggh, basically.

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