Kate (kate_nepveu) wrote,

I ate'nt dead

Just very, very tired.

So briefly:

Took kids to DC/Baltimore at end of July. Udvar-Hazy wasn't quite their thing, the only day for the zoo was way too hot, and Great Falls Park is very nice but not worth the delay getting into on a weekend, but the aquarium in Baltimore was a huge hit and Natural History went quite well. Hotel suite definitely the way to go if we can find one because no worries about not actually putting us next to each other, and a hotel pool makes so many things better.

Work's been stupidly busy since before vacation and continues so through mid-September at least. Theoretically I want to: tidy up at-panel Readercon notes; update booklog with Hugo reading; post about _Inside Out_ and _Brooklyn Nine-Nine_; short notes on the kids (SteelyKid is seven now!); possibly something else that I'm too tired to remember right now.

Have only been reading DW sporadically, sorry, will try to be a bit more present because it makes me feel better.

*falls over*

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