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because it won't take long and I can't do anything involved at this very moment.

See the spoiler-riffic summary of concept art from Doctor Strange and actual footage from Captain America: Civil War at io9.

Doctor Strange sounds just as terrible as I expected.

CA:CW: The article quotes Tony as saying, "“We have no boundaries. We’re no better than the bad guys.”

If this is a reaction to his behavior in Ultron I might actually be impressed by this movie. But I give it about a 10% chance that the Russos will be allowed to recognize how OOC Tony was in that movie.

Otherwise: I guess it hasn't been officially confirmed who's on what side, but heavy rumor has it that Natasha is on Tony's side, but that there's a mole, and if Natasha is on Tony's side and isn't the mole I may well walk out of the theater--okay, realistically I'll wait for spoilers and not go. But basically I have very little faith that with so many people in it, there'll be room for the movie to establish the character development necessary for any of this to make sense, the way the comics didn't (see).

Anyway. The vast majority of fandom, being heavily invested in Steve/Bucky, is in flames over the slash possibilities, but as previously discussed I find the fannish monofocus on Steve/Bucky rather suffocating, so meh, whatever.

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