Kate (kate_nepveu) wrote,

for the Fallen London players

I have purchased Hesperidean Cider (fifth known person to buy it in-game!) and will send out sips of it on request.

Possession of Cider allows you to send sips as a social action. Taking a sip of someone else's Cider will drop your Wounds slightly and give you 1 x A Taste of the Garden. That unlocks opportunity cards that will drop Wounds somewhat more, slightly increase Nightmares, provide an Extraordinary Implication, and consume 1 x A Taste of the Garden.

If you'd like a sip of Cider, here's what to do:

1. Send a social action to an_ocelot. Do not request one here, in a PM, or anywhere else. My social action to-do list is my FL messages tab.

Recommended social actions:
* The Neath's Mysteries card (drawable only at Lodgings), which is intrinsically profitable to us both;
* Coffee (Lodgings / Attend to matters of society and scandal / Meet someone for a Coffee at Caligula's), which is available to anyone with Persuasive 5, and which boosts Making Waves for both of us (and Persuasive & Confident Smiles if not already capped); and
* A genuine gift off the Give a Gift! card, which is nice for me but doesn't also benefit you.

Social actions that are common but should be avoided:
* Write a letter (doesn't benefit either of us); and
* Chess or Sparring Bouts (only provides Making Waves to the winner).

Don't send:
* Options that harm me (live rats and so forth);
* Suspicious Loitering (drops Making Waves);
* Tournament of Lilies, investigating photographers, robbing museums (just not interested in).

2. Write in the message field that you would like a sip of Cider.

3. Drink up!


I will generally try to send out sips in chronological order. However, as noted above, I keep track of who I need to send things to by my messages tab. So if I've already got enough Making Waves for the week, I may delay accepting your coffee request for a few days, which also means delaying sending your sip. I will get to you eventually, I promise.

I will accept multiple requests from the same person, but
I'm going to prioritize first-timers, so don't expect more than one sip in a row. Also, the other thing I'm doing with my time right now is trying to rebuild after selling almost everything I could, so if you're going to ask me for multiple sips, a more profitable social action than coffee would be appropriate.

This offer will remain open for the foreseeable future; I will edit this post if it changes or closes.


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