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I need to scream about how awful this is before I can settle down to do work


This post contains: sexism, stunt violence that echoes actual violence, stunning lack of self-awareness, stupid pregnancy tricks, and probably some other stuff too.

Listening to this podcast. (Note has animal endangerment but happy ending.) Apparently baby "gender" (i.e., sex) parties are a thing? Where medical professionals tell a friend instead of the expectant parent(s) and then they like, put pink or blue balloons in a box to be opened and everyone's like "ooh"?

This couple decided it would be a good idea to have two stunt fighters battle, a guy and a girl, and whoever killed the other was the one that had the same sex as the fetus.

. . . but wait, it gets worse!

The "cute" reveal is that, as the stunt fighters decided to choreograph it, the guy snaps the girl's neck just as it seems she's victorious. And the family on the podcast was just like, it was so funny! Except, the pregnant woman said, apparently you can hear on the video that she was sounding upset when it seemed like the girl was winning. (The hosts did gently comment on the weirdness here, but only a little.)

Snapped. Her. Neck.

How do you have so little awareness of what you're saying? Why on earth would you think it was a good idea at all, let alone to choreograph that way?

The video exists, just so you know it's real, but I wouldn't watch it, because WHAT THE FUCK.

Okay, seriously, I have so much work to do tonight, but I was listening to that as I did the dishes and I really, really had to vent before I could possibly concentrate.

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