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OTW elections

The Organization for Transformative Works, which among other things runs the Archive of Our Own, is having Board elections from November 6-9.

If you're not already a member, you can't vote—they changed it this year so that the October 2015 membership drive would not count toward membership for the 2015 elections, unlike in past years. This is frankly pretty shitty: "hey, give us money because you care about the direction of the organization, but if you're new, you'll have to wait a year to give actual meaningful input into that direction!"

In addition, as has become clear to me over the last year+ worth of reading newsletters, the organization is painfully slow (the strategic plan has been in the works for literally years), and from reading the candidates' manifestos (here's a summary), it seems the OTW doesn't have any planned budgets and generally seems to have focus problems.

Finally, the Board's removal of one of the candidates during the election process seems like, at best, a tone-deaf ill-timed adherence to hypertechnicalities—and that's just from reading the Board's own announcement. There's also no information on whether the current Board member who is standing for election was recused from this decision. I am perfectly happy to believe that that Board member acted ethically, but it's troubling that the Board didn't think to address that concern preemptively.

Voting is in preferential order; I haven't decided my order yet, but based on reading statements (principally), as well as endorsements (some public), I will be voting for Alex Tischer, Aline Carrão, Atiya Hakeem, Katarina Harju, and Matty Bowers.

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