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I want to be your rock and when I talk it lights a fire in you

I am experimenting to see whether, if I write this down, it gets it out of my head and lets me focus on the things that need doing more urgently.

To-write list, in very rough order:

1. Post on 80 Days for Tor.com.

2. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay (both parts), a.k.a., I see what story you've chosen to tell and I guess that's legit but I don't love it?

3. Yuletide 2014 recs. (75! Eek!)

4. Steven Universe, a.k.a., catch up now while it's on hiatus, because it's just loaded with satisfyingly complex characters, relationships, and worldbuilding, plus the occasional song so good that it can displace Hamilton in my head. (Post title from "Strong in the Real Way", which will make no sense out of context but is the current earworm.) Also, very queer.

5. Brooklyn Nine-Nine, a.k.a., fluffy fun if you can accept the NYPD as a workplace comedy (and there are some episodes, especially early, where this is harder). Also, mildly queer.

I think that's it. And now, law.

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