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Steven Universe S02E22, "The Answer"

This is my first time watching Steven Universe in real time! One episode into this week's Steven Bomb, and even though I'm not marathoning multiple episodes, the single one feels delightfully bite-sized and rich.

I THINK MY HEART GREW THREE SIZES. Ruby and Sapphire and cotton-candy Garnet, oh my gosh! Humming "Stronger than You"! Unexpected life-saving and discovering a new life together, not one that's fated!

How pretty was it, too? I loved the abstract, paper-cutout-ish look of it. And Blue Diamond and her freaky spider throne, wow.

Finally, Pearl is totally terrifying.

(ETA) Also: Homeworld's class issues (which we knew about already from Peridot, particularly) are emphasized and reinforced. Sapphire is rare and an aristocrat, and Rubies are common soldiers; but as small-g gems they literally the same thing. I love that Garnet introduced the Crystal Gems to fusing across gem types, though; before now it was plausible that Jasper's disgust at fusion was at Garnet's permanence, but now it seems that you are only supposed to fuse with "yourself."

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