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Steven Universe S02E25, "Message Received"

I dunno. That didn't seem to flow very well. We went from Peridot saying that "Diamonds are SOOO without flaw" to her telling Yellow Diamond to her face that she's a clod? I mean, Peridot absolutely has a high opinion of her own, well, opinion, but that is a really abrupt shift and I didn't find it very convincing put together like that. I figured it was coming eventually because it's that kind of show, and yet.

(It's similar to my reaction to Lapis imprisoning Jasper, except we saw Lapis' unhappiness with Homeworld not only in "Jail Break" but in "The Return" and possibly also "The Message," I can't remember exactly what she said about Homeworld in that one and I'm too tired to look it up.)

Also, re: speculation on yesterday's post: if Yellow Diamond is a fusion, she's as good as Garnet or better, because we got a full-length view and she has no extra limbs—she might be hiding an eye under that hat, or maybe fusing with no extra bits might be a qualification for being a Diamond. I really like the idea that Diamonds are so giant because they're fusions and that Rose Quartz was one of the Gems making up Rose Diamond, but it seems less slam-dunk now.

("Not all Pearls know each other", hah.)

However, the summary of tomorrow's episode is "Steven sneaks a listen to a friend’s audio diary," so perhaps we'll get some more context about Peridot's thinking to make this work better for me.

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