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Steven Universe S02E26, "Log Date 7 15 2"

Well, that was adorable, but it kind of feels like a cheat that it didn't come before yesterday's episode.

I saw someone mention that Garnet's visor reflects more blue or more red in particular circumstances, and when she catches Greg off the roof, it definitely looks more blue.

Also Garnet is the BEST, period. (And the shipping stuff in the VHS tape was redeemed by her being able to use that as shorthand at the end, because otherwise it felt a little on-the-nose. Also the dude in the clip had yellow diamonds on his camp uniform.)

It was really nice to see Pearl and Amethyst continuing to get along well, Amethyst not being upset when Pearl suggested more precision was needed and them fusing so neatly.

In sum: cute; still not convinced it was optimal structurally.

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