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wood cat


incidents and accidents, hints and allegations

Captain America, Avengers, Captain America (shield)
Kate kate_nepveu
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should I see Captain America: Civil War?
It's now out in at least two non-US countries, so, Internet who knows me and has seen it/reads spoilers, should I see it? I originally thought I wasn't seeing this without thorough spoilers, and I've changed my mind, I just want to know the following:

1) Is Steve's motivation principled rather than personal, that is, is it more than "don't touch my Bucky no matter what?"

2) Does Natasha's character recover from Ultron?

3) Does (edit for clarity) anyone other than a white man die and stay dead within the movie?

4) Is Black Panther exoticized / othered / otherwise treated shittly?

5) Are the painful "beating the shit out of each other" bits fairly minimal?

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