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Steven Universe, S03E01-S03E05

Watch me catch up before my 3:00 Readercon panel!

S03E01, 'Super Watermelon Island'

No new opening song.

Well that was a LOT! I didn't realize at first that it was astral projection/dream-walking, and that's a little . . . they apparently do have personalities and volition, to have created a whole culture (including ritual sacrifice, let us not forget), and Steven is just taking over one of them and using their body?

Alexandrite can breathe fire?! Also what was that arrow she shot at Malachite that de-fused them, something like the spirit of all three? (Was Lapis starting to get into being Malachite, a bit?)

Jasper falls into the abyss, to come back at some optimally inconvenient time; Steven is sent off to drill with Peridot. Going into black with Garnet's "I love you" quiet after: killer.

S03E02, 'Gem Drill'

Peridot: "Am I the only one who understand the meaning of teamwork?!"

Finding out that the Cluster is lonely and helping it bubble itself is the most SU thing ever. (I didn't realize time passes in bubbles, though? I thought it was like stasis, in which case no time to get to know each other. Which is . . . disturbing for the solo bubbled gems.)

More out-of-body stuff for Steven.

S03E03, 'Same Old World'

A quieter regrouping episode. And pretty!

Peridot: "And then Steven was all, 'My feelings!'"

Empire City, but Jersey is still Jersey (sorry Jersey!).

At least it's nice that the Crystal Gems didn't initially put Lapis in the mirror?

I unsubscribed from all the SU tumblrs I was following because spoilers, so: tell me someone's gif'ed or recut this to "A Whole New World," which is presumably the title reference?

S03E04, 'Barn Mates'

Okay, so. Lapis doesn't have to immediately forgive Peridot! She really, really doesn't! Possibly she isn't going to insist that Peridot leave any more since she'd be defenseless, but Lapis is not a bad person for not wanting to LIVE with her, geez.

(I need gifs of Lapis side-eyeing, because that was epic.)

I initially thought Peridot had a crush; it seems clear by the end that instead, or in addition, she's desperate for someone in a similar situation.

A Ruby with a scary Gem eye!

S03E05, 'Hit the Diamond'

I saw this title on the DVR and the summary, "Steven and the Gems play an old fashioned game of baseball," and I couldn't decide if it was trolling or double-trolling, not having seen any of S3 to date! And in fact . . . I was kind of being double-trolled, since no Diamond appeared and there was baseball.

HOW CUTE were the Rubies! Oh my gosh. The dreamy belly-button one?

It's a good thing they set up how dumb they were with the counting-to-five thing, because otherwise that they wouldn't (1) think these random Gems were the Crystal Gems, (2) grab Peridot just on principle, and (3) question Steven's assertion about Neptune would be kind of a lot to swallow. And it still is, but maybe not fatally.

Also I love Lapis a lot. And Ruby/Sapphire are adorable.

And then the rest of season 3 starting July 18 every weeknight?! I really do not understand Cartoon Network's scheduling.

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