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Steven Universe S03E06, "Steven Floats," & S03E07, "Drop Beat Dad"
I am still behind on every damn thing but I am going to keep up with this "Summer of Steven" thing, because it's only a little bit of time every day and if it builds up then it's all psychological barriers and stress and whatnot.

Aww. At Readercon I was on a SU panel and one of the last things I said, or possibly after, was that I miss the Beach City weirdos. And here they are!

I love how negotiable reality is in SU; I was pretty sure "Steven Floats" wasn't a dream because genre, but it had that kind of feel to it where it wouldn't have been unthinkable, you know? And it was just cute, anvillicious about Steven's relationship with the Crystal Gems, sure, but at least it was aware of it and, also, cute.

Marty the scumbag! This was extremely predictable but again, I missed the Beach City weirdos and there were some lovely little bits, and also WTF $10 million?!

(I remember telling [personal profile] rushthatspeaks at Readercon that I couldn't understand why everyone calls Greg a deadbeat dad: he's there, he's employed, he took care of Steven for the years before he went to live with the Gems, and I can't see the Gems buying stuff so I'm pretty sure that Greg funds their groceries and things? And I think this episode agrees, because the title is clearly referring to Marty. (Not that rushthatspeaks disagreed with me!))

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