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Steven Universe S03E08, "Mr. Greg"


*stalks composers' Soundcloud page*

I thought it was creepy when Steven pointed at his gem and said not to forget that Mom would be coming, and I see why in the context of the full episode . . . but it's still kind of unsettling. Does he really conceptualize of his gem as being Rose herself?

Do we think Greg blew all $10 million, in the logic of episodic entertainment, so that it never comes up again? (Don't ask me what I could do with $10m, the answer would take a really long time.)

There are days I want to chart out how the series paces itself, and this is one of them.

Uh, I'm really tired. I loved this a lot--Pearl and Greg getting some healing and being more gentle with each other, the hotel staff being hilarious, Pearl up on the balcony's edge, everything. It's not quite the emotional complexities the show can hit at its best, but it was doing a lot and it did it pretty darn well.

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