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Steven Universe S03E09, "Too Short to Ride"

I have to say, I honestly thought the answer would be to give Peridot back her assistive tech, rather than her discovering powers?

And Amethyst, it was super not cool to try to throw her stuff away, even though I don't think we're supposed to think that Amethyst is a paragon of emotional reasoning.

Homeworld is running low on resources and making Gems with limited powers, huh? That's . . . ominous. Also may explain how dumb the Rubies were?

Now I have the Big Donut instructional video music stuck in my head, which I've always been really fond of.

Here is Peridot's Twitter (confirmed), and that's a joke they've been sitting on for a long time.

. . . I am distracted by my stomach feeling unwell, and also seem to have tweaked the back of my right hand in a way that makes typing mildly uncomfortable, and should go to bed.

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