Kate (kate_nepveu) wrote,

Steven Universe S03E11, "Beach City Drift"

Content note: this episode strongly lends itself to being read as a metaphor about recovery from sexual assault.

Thank you, show, for reminding me who the fuck Kevin was, because I didn't remember at all.

So last episode we had an unspoken story about how to treat your fuckbuddy (or FWB or whatever; I've been in a monogamous relationship for, uh, 18 years holy shit, I'm not up on these fine distinctions), and this episode we had a story about how to cope with someone who'd refused to listen when you said no, with an intensity that as I said under the prior cut, strongly lends itself to an unspoken reading about recovery from something more serious. Pretty heavy stuff. I think this episode works a lot better than yesterday's, obviously, because I didn't think the subtext of it was fighting with the text. The text was a little text, of course, but that's pretty SU thing and this is an uncommon issue for a kid's show to deal with.

I was so glad to see Connie again! I would prefer that Ronaldo vanish quietly, but at least he wasn't kidnapping people? And it's awesome that Greg didn't blow all his money, sitcom-logic-style, and hasn't been changed by it either.

. . . I got distracted by other stuff and have no idea what else I was going to say now. Good night!

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