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Steven Universe S03E14, "Monster Reunion"


(That was Dee Bradley Baker, critter voicer extraordinare (Appa & Momo on A:tLA, for instance).)

Garnet's extremely square face against Steven's puppy eyes! "I lost a battle of will."

There goes the theory that the flash of light that Lapis saw was something that Rose did: it was the Great Diamond Authority (so shortly after Pink Diamond . . . stopped being part of the Authority that the logo hadn't been redesigned yet), it was what corrupted all the gems except the Crystal Gems, and it's different from cracking so Steven's healing abilities (powered by his emotions, like all his stupid powers) have only limited effect on it. (I didn't agree with that theory; I could imagine that her huge guilt and secret was if she had thought it was a much less damaging weapon, but not that she had deliberately won using a scorched-earth method. I think now her guilty secret must be whatever she did before rebelling.)

Ugh, those crayon drawings and the crying and the body horror!

Gem writing, unsubtle gun on the mantel.

I'm glad for the shift in focus, it feels like time.

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