Kate (kate_nepveu) wrote,

Steven Universe S03E15, "Alone at Sea"

. . . hmmm.

I am not quite sure the pacing on this episode worked fully. I think the Jasper confrontation needed a little more meat on its bones? I got the impression that Jasper was lonely and seeking what she's been taught to value, power, via fusion, but somehow it didn't quite land the way I wanted it to, maybe because it came so late in the episode. I'm impressed they're trying something this complex with the black-hole abusive relationship, again, and I think it was almost there. Or it's just fatigue talking. I dunno.

("Thanks but... I'm not putting that on my body." I love Lapis' bored/disgusted/side-eyeing faces.)

(S.S. Misery, indeed. Whether "loves company" or Stephen King, I see what you did there.)

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Tags: tv: steven universe

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