Kate (kate_nepveu) wrote,

Steven Universe S03E17, "Gem Hunt"


I hate it when they don't even do the zoom-in-on-star ending!

What does Jasper want with those Gems?!? Bait for the Crystal Gems? Somehow try to get them to fuse (seems unlikely)? Something I can't even imagine?

The mini-sequel to "Sworn to the Sword" is super-cute until then! Tiny reprise of "Do It For Her," Pearl asking about favorite gem but not in a super-needy way, Connie has everything they need to survive, and Steven has board games!

And I do like that Connie wasn't immediately all whirling-sword when she had time to stare something down and wasn't under immediate pressure, I think it is realistic.

But I'm going to go gnash my teeth about that cliffhanger, now.

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