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Steven Universe S03E20, "Bismuth"

Fun fact: I have a bismuth crystal sitting on my desk in front of me.

Less fun fact: I really hate that Cartoon Network's ads contained spoilers for this episode.

Neutral fact: this was a double-length episode. Boo commercials in the middle, yay cute transition images.

Logistical fact: no episode tomorrow.

This was . . . good but not amazing? Nothing about it surprised me: obviously Rose and Bismuth had had some conflict, since Rose bubbled her and left her inside Lion, but told the rest that she'd lost her in a battle. And the militaristic emphasis that was making Steven so uncomfortable was a clear signal where the conflict had been.

There were nice character bits: the different relationships Bismuth had with Garnet and Pearl, which suggested so much history so efficiently; Amethyst's initial (understandable) insecurity and mistrust, turning into enthusiasm. And another war-era Gem refusing to believe that Steven is different from Rose . . . at first, but the ray of hope for Bismuth, and Steven, is that she eventually accepts that they are different and that Steven can and has grown beyond Rose in some aspects.

This episode confirms that bubbling is stasis, that time isn't subjectively experienced for those in a bubble, which means the solution to the Cluster is, alas, nonsensical.

And now what are they going to do about Bismuth? They shouldn't keep her in there forever; can they defeat Homeworld in a way that she'll accept as sufficient short of perma-killing?

Worldbuilding/backstory: Bismuth says Rose was made here, which I would think would be too easily-disproved a lie to bother with? Which puts a stake through the Pink Diamond theory (as does Bismuth's attitude toward upper-class gems; if Rose was originally a Diamond, I'm sure Bismuth would've mentioned it). Other gems mentioned were Snowflake, presumably an obsidian; Crazy Lace, which would be an agate; and Biggs, which has been identified elsewhere as a jasper.

Minor silly notes: the LOOK on Lion's face when Steven was pulling Bismuth out. Amethyst's pizza eating: so amazingly, hilariously gross.

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