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Steven Universe S03E24, "Back to the Moon"

I've seen this listed some places as part 3, but it looks like this whole week (well, through tomorrow, which ends S3) is really all one big episode. At least this episode is not so vicious a cliffhanger?

This was definitely a lot lighter, because the Rubies are such comic relief. The main takeaway is they aren't letting the "what happened to Pink Diamond" question rest, we have an eyewitness saying that Rose shattered her: which is a surprise not just to Steven, but to the rest of the Crystal Gems, it seemed like. Obviously Garnet joined after Blue Diamond had taken over, but I'd somehow got the impression that Pearl went way back. But all those questions and followup get deferred.

(I know there will be theories about how Pink Diamond wasn't actually shattered, but, eyewitness; not a smart eyewitness, granted, but I think that's getting a little far afield in terms of a kids' show playing fair.)

I love how non-angsty Amethyst impersonating Jasper was, so non-angsty that I didn't realize that she would've been earlier.

And I think that's it for this episode.

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