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Steven Universe S03E25, "Bubbled"

So having seen this episode title was why last episode was not that cliffhanger-y.

Okay, those of you who thought Garnet and Pearl were distressed not surprised were right, they did know about Rose shattering Pink Diamond--and I think that is 100% definitive that Pink Diamond really is gone. Obviously Rose regretted it and did not want it normalized as part of the conduct of war; whether it was truly necessary or not, I guess we have to withhold judgment on. (Possibly it happened after she bubbled Bismuth, which is why Bismuth didn't know?)

I loved how much of the episode was just Steven and Eyeball. Steven really needs to start exercising a little more caution around Homeworld Gems?! It was obvious from a mile off that once Eyeball believed him that she would attack. But he did defend himself, and though Floating In Space While Awaiting Rescue (something Winnie-the-Pooh might get involved in) is not the same as shattering, the parallel to Rose's actions suggests that Garnet may have been correct (in-narrative) in her assessment.

Finally, the art was so amazing here, I may find some screenshots and replace my phone wallpaper (which is already a dark starry sky).

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