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wood cat


incidents and accidents, hints and allegations

wood cat
Kate kate_nepveu
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Steven Universe S04E03, "Buddy's Book"
Well, that was adorable.

I am not good at theorizing so I'll leave it to others to speculate what this means about Lion's origin. But Lion parking, and Steven "locking" him, and then Lion wandering off; Connie sweeping away her homework; imagining Buddy at Jamie even in the face of history; the Crystal Gems being kinda baffled about humans (well, at least Pearl and Amethyst; Garnet has the advantage of future vision, probably, to tell her about reverse psychology); those were all just really nice and cute. Plus there's some unknown Gem site out there! (Edit: no, wait, that's probably Blue Diamond's spider-thingie, so we have seen that before.

Also, I note that he didn't recognize Rose.

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