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The Lobster (movie)

The kids are away for the weekend and there's nothing really compelling in theaters, and we saw The Lobster on the on-demand list and remembered that it sounded interesting and got good reviews. It's an AU of our world where single people have 45 days to fall in love or they get turned into animals.

So one of those reviews was at the A.V. Club, which said,
Bizarre rules and rituals, deliberately stilted dialogue, flashes of grisly violence that threaten to tilt the humor straight into horror: All of this could only have come from the warped imagination of Greek filmmaker Yorgos Lanthimos, here making his singularly strange English-language debut.
And, yeah, basically that, except I found very little humor in it. Really not my kind of thing.

Context-free content notes, beyond what's implied by the quote: animal harm; dubiously-consensual, at best, sexual encounters; eye trauma; suicidal behavior.

A note about the ending. (Spoilers, naturally.) I think the reason it ends where it does is to signal that it doesn't matter, no happy ending is possible: either he blinds himself so they still have some physical characteristic in common (the in-movie sole foundation for a relationship), or he doesn't and they're entirely without place in the world, because they can't fit into the city where relationships are required and can't go back to the Loners (since they attacked, and possibly killed, the leader to do so).

So, yeah, that was a fun Saturday night!

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